Graduate Annapolis

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126 West St, Annapolis MD

The Graduate Annapolis hotel is located a short walk from the Maryland State House and the historic center of Annapolis. The hotel has 215 guest rooms, a restaurant, a 24-hour fitness center and valet parking. It gets four stars for its level of accommodations and an "exceptional" rating from previous guests.

The historic center of Annapolis has the Maryland State House and other government buildings at its core. Beautiful old St. Anne's Parish church sits in the center of Church Circle. The US Naval Academy is located on the opposite side of the central core from hotel, still within comfortable walking distance. And there's lots to see on that walk, with shops and restaurants throughout the historic district.

Nearby Places

Maryland State House

Home of the Maryland state legislature since 1779
State Circle
0.4 miles from hotel

St Anne's Episcopal Church

Historic church at the center of the city
Church Circle
0.3 miles from hotel

United States Naval Academy

The place to be for those who wish to become US Navy officers
58 Bennion Road
0.8 miles from hotel

Anne Arundel Medical Center

The county's main medical center
2001 Medical Parkway
2.1 miles from hotel

Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium

The home of the Navy football team
550 Taylor Ave
0.6 miles from hotel

St. John's College

The other college in Annapolis, somewhat famous for croquet
60 College Ave
0.5 miles from hotel

William Paca House and Garden

Just one of the many historic homes scattered around town
186 Prince George St
0.5 miles from hotel