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Top-Rated Hotels In Taoyuan
Monarch Plaza Hotel

300 Chuang Ching Road Sec 1 - Taoyuan

Fullon Hotel Taoyuan

No.200, Sec. 1, Daxing W. Rd. - Taoyuan

Ying Zhen Hotel

No.154 Taoying Rd - Taoyuan

Chateau De Chine Hotel Taoyuan

No. 107, Minsheng Rd. - Taoyuan

Tao Garden Hotel

151 Fuxing Road - Taoyuan

Well Garden Hotel

No.703, Zhongzheng Rd. - Taoyuan

Golden Vista Hotel

9F., No.96, Fuxing Rd. - Taoyuan

Holiday Inn Express Taoyuan

No. 1039 Chuenr Road - Taoyuan

Chuto Plaza Hotel

No 398 Taoying Rd - Taoyuan

Pleasant Hotels International

No. 269 Daxing Road - Taoyuan

THE YORKER De'luxe Motel

No.58, Taishan St. - Taoyuan

Federal Highway 2 Hotel

No.6-8, Lane 1216 Yong'an Road - Taoyuan

Ohya Boutique Motel-Taoyuan

No.191, Sec. 2, Daxing W. Rd - Taoyuan

168 Green Motel

No.18, Baoqing Rd., Taoyuan Dist. - Taoyuan

Soho Motel

No.27, Ln. 80, Sec. 2, Daxing W. Rd - Taoyuan

Century Hotel Taoyuan

No.55, Sec. 3, Sanmin Rd - Taoyuan

6 Star Motel

No.721, Jingguo Rd., Taoyuan Dist - Taoyuan

Luckynews Classic Hotel

No.24, Jieshou Road - Taoyuan

Majesty Hotel

Ln. 98, Bo'ai Road - Taoyuan

Harazuru Hotel

122 Shuang Feng Road - Taoyuan

168 Motel-Taoyuan

No. 25, Tianxiang 7th Street - Taoyuan

Audi Garden Business Hotel

No.7, Ln. 48, Zhongzheng Rd. - Taoyuan

Chong Yu Hotel

No.20 Yule St. - Taoyuan


5F, No.12, Zhonghua Road - Taoyuan

Good Friend Business Hotel

No.98, Fuxing Rd., Taoyuan City - Taoyuan

Color Motel

No. 116, Daxing West Road, Section 1 - Taoyuan


11F., No.51, Zhongshan E. Rd. - Taoyuan

I Hotel

8F., No.56, Jhongjheng Rd. - Taoyuan

Taoyuang Hedo Hotel

No.95, Fuxing Rd., Taoyuan Dist - Taoyuan

A Plus Motel

No.476, Nanping Rd. - Taoyuan

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