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Top-Rated Hotels In Taitung
Formosan Naruwan Hotel & Resort Taitung

66, Lien Hang Rord - Taitung

Sheraton Taitung Hotel

No.316, Zhengqi Rd. - Taitung

Formosa Naruwan Galaxy Hotel Taitung

No. 66, Ln. 216, Sec. 4, Zhongxing Rd - Taitung

The Gaya Hotel

No. 169, Xinsheng Rd. - Taitung

Formosan Naruwan Garden Hotel

No. 77, Xinxing Road - Taitung

Hoya Resort Hotel Taitung

No.38, Fuxing Rd. - Taitung

Taitung Happy Tour B&B

No.5, Qiangguo St. - Taitung

F Hotel Chihpen

No.33, Dashun Rd. - Taitung

Chii Lih Hotel

No.260, Xinzhan Rd. - Taitung

V-Hotel Vacation Hotel

No.88, Sec. 3, Siwei Rd. - Taitung

Sun Giraffe Taitung B&B

No. 3-1, Xinzhan Road - Taitung

3520 B&B

No.38 Xinzhan 2nd Street - Taitung

Inn by the Village

No. 585, Section 1, Zhonghua Road - Taitung

Kai Shen Starlight Hotel

Linhai Rd. - Taitung

Santorini Music Family B&B

No. 39, Lane 398, Section 3, Zhiben Road - Taitung


No. 243, Fujian Road - Taitung

lele home

No 80, Section 2 Zhongxing Road - Taitung

La Dahai BnB

No. 68, Zhejiang Rd - Taitung


No.20, Alley 27, Lane 412 - Taitung

Qianjiqing Villa

No.437, Fenggu N. Rd. - Taitung


No.11, Aly. 20, Ln. 146, Sec. 1 - Taitung

Shiangshiang Forest Hotel

No. 56, Lane 632, Kaifeng St - Taitung

Sea Bay B&B

No.578, Sec. 2, Jilin Rd., Taitung City - Taitung

The Suites Taitung

No. 18, Lane 362, Boai Road - Taitung

Taitung Cultural Excursion Resort

No. 1 Museum Road - Taitung


No.25, Ln. 146, Sec. 1, Zhihang Rd. - Taitung

My Starry

No.39, Ln. 477, Sec. 1 Zhihang Rd - Taitung


No. 36, Lane 360, Chuanguang Road - Taitung

Love Travel B&B

No. 4, Ln. 139, S. 2nd Street - Taitung

East Bed and Breakfast

No.125, Chenggong Rd - Taitung

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