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Yueya Villa

No.26-3, Zhongxin Rd. - Puli

Chosenone Private Guest House

No.363, Sec. 2, Xian Rd. - Puli

Tai-Yi Red Maple Resort(Tai-Yi Ecological Leisure Farm)

No. 176, Sec. 1st, Zhongshan Rd - Puli

Puli Diary

No.149-1, Zhongzheng Rd. - Puli

Puli story house

No.180, Zhongzheng Road, Puli - Puli

Pulicity B&B

No. 148-5, Xinsheng Road - Puli

Bear Meets Moose B&B

No. 5-8, Lane Taomi - Puli

Flying Villa

52-6, Dongrun Rd., Puli Township - Puli

Yoou Shan Villa

No.131-1 Shuren Road - Puli

Cloud & Green Private Guest House

No.25, Ln. 247, Zhongxin Rd. - Puli

BlackJazz Inn

No.6, Taomi Rd. - Puli

ShuiBuZi Farmhouse

No.75, Shuitou Road - Puli

Puli Ease Hotel

No.319, Xinyi Rd. - Puli

Cheng Pao Hotel

No.299, Zhongxiao Rd. - Puli

Travel Light Hotel

No. 52, Dacheng Road - Puli

No.8 Dream Street Bed and Breakfast

No. 8, Ln. 110, Fuxing Rd. - Puli

Hotel Modern Puli

No.79, Nanxing St. - Puli

Coco Motel

No.110, Ln. 980, Zhongzheng Rd. - Puli

Sunrise Villa

No. 2-5, Shoucheng Rd. - Puli

Zhaody Hotel

No 5 Hushan 2nd St - Puli

Feng Ge Xiao Zhan Homestay

No.27, Neipu Rd. - Puli

Huaman hot spring villa

21-7, Liyu Road - Puli

VV House

No. 25, Mingde North Road, Puli - Puli


No.15-5, Neibu Rd - Puli

Sun Wang Hotel

No. 399 Section 2 Zhongshan Road - Puli


No.22, Taomi Rd., Puli Township - Puli

Q House

No. 20, Tongchun 3rd St. - Puli

NCNU Campus Inn

No. 503, Daxue Rd. - Puli

Greenriver Eco&Culture B&B

No.115-1, Longsheng Rd. - Puli

Cat Walk B&B

No.17 Hushan Road - Puli

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