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Top-Rated Hotels In Jungli
Hotel Kuva Chateau

No. 398, Minchuan Rd, Zhongli Dist - Jungli

South Garden Hotels and Resorts

No. 8, Shuzih Rd, Jhongli City - Jungli

Fullon Hotel Jhongli

89 Jhongjheng Road - Jungli

Kai Du Hotel

No.260 Yuanhua Rd - Jungli

Le Midi Hotel Jungli

23F, No.120, Sec 1, Zhongyang W. Rd. - Jungli

Broadway Motel

No.122, Sec. 2, Yuanhua Rd - Jungli

Beethoven Express Hotel

No. 22-1 Xinxing Road - Jungli

Hotel MU

No.38, Boai 3rd Rd. - Jungli

i hotel Zhongli

5th Floor, No. 18 Zhongmei Road - Jungli

Bali Motel

No. 1, Lane 437, Sec. 2, Zhongbei Road - Jungli

King's Paradise Hotel

No.65, Xinsheng Rd. - Jungli

Duke Hotel Taoyuan

No 8, Lane 437, Section 2, Zhongbei Rd - Jungli

Chang Ti Metropolis Commercial Hotel

No 198, Xinxing Rd. - Jungli

Rido Holiday Hotel

5F., No.117, Sec. 2, Zhongmei Rd. - Jungli

CHIMEI Fashion Hotel

No. 18, Lane 194, Xinxing Rd. - Jungli

Lotus Yuan Business Hotel

6F., No.153, Sec. 2, Zhongmei Rd. - Jungli

Hub Hotel

No. 216-1, Yanping Road., Zhongli Dist. - Jungli

Chungli Business Hotel

4F., No.645, Yanping Rd. - Jungli

A22 Wei Lu Hotel

No.98, Yongjia St - Jungli

Happy Holiday Hotel

No. 114, Xinxing Road - Jungli

Galaxy Hotel

No. 5, Ln. 194, XinXing Rd. - Jungli

168 Motel-Macaron

No. 160, Section 2, Zhongmei Road - Jungli

Fun Fashion Hotel

No. 7, Jianxing Road - Jungli

Shanghai Hotel

4F., No.153, Sec. 2, Zhongmei Rd. - Jungli

The Cloud Hotel Chungli

No.191, Huanbei Rd., Zhongli Dist. - Jungli

Xin She Hotel-Chungli

No. 120, Sec. 1, Zhongyang W. Rd. - Jungli

Laurel Business Hotel

No.24, Yumin St. - Jungli


4F., No.11, Sec. 1, Zhongyang W. Rd. - Jungli

Clover House

No.120, Sec. 2, Zhongmei Rd. - Jungli

Funhouse Hotel Taoyuan

No.155, Sec. 1, Zhongshan E. Rd. - Jungli

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